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As well as video production we can offer a whole range of associated computer and Audio-visual services for both commercial and domestic customers.

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E-mail us at: video@pic.clara.net

We have invested heavily in equipment and know-how to support our mainline activity - the recording and post production of video programmes. Our studios are equipped to carry out both linear and non-linear editing using source and destination media in Hi8, S-VHS, U-Matic and DV formats. We can record and import audio in any standard format.

We run power PCs and top of the range Amiga 4000 computers which give us access to the best of all worlds when it comes to graphics and sound handling as well as computerised edit control. Using our scanners, rostrum cameras, sound cards, top of the range video capture systems, MiniDisc, CD, and tape recorders we are able to cross convert video, audio and hard copy into and from just about any common media format.

We are, therefore able to offer a wide variety of AV related services to both domestic and commercial customers. For example:

Cine (Standard 8 or Super 8) to video transcription with or without music underscores, titles or voice overs added. We can clean up original material freeing it from garbage or film breaks and, if required to, can provide a complete re-editing service.

Video or audio tape to tape transcription plus any re-editing that may be required. If required to we can transcribe computer MPEG, M-JPEG, WAV and MIDI files to conventional video or audio media.

We can produce conventional music CDs from any physical media or standard computer audio file formats and can transcribe data files to CD-ROM from floppies or e-mailed data. Furthermore we can convert short clips of video supplied on tape to AVI files for incorporation into your own multi-media presentations.

If required to we can offer a digitising service for original hard copy or video based material provided by yourself. If necessary we can modify, enhance or manipulate it in accordance with your instructions and return the resulting files to you on floppies, CD-ROMs or by e-mail.