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The most challenging aspects of our work are the production of pilot programmes as ideas for television broadcast companies and demonstration tapes for entertainers.

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It is a fact that every new programme seen on television will have started life as somebody’s basic idea. At the time when there were only 4 major broadcast channels in the UK the majority of new ideas were generated within broadcasting organisations.

Satellite, cable and local TV has changed all this and now there is considerable demand for new ideas that might originate from anyone.

In order for an idea to become reality it must first be shown to have appeal and production feasibility. The ideal way of doing this is with a “pilot programme”.

Of the pilots we have produced our two favourites are “The Shyest Man in the World (an award winner) - featuring Andrew Sachs and .....

.... “Sebastian the Incredible Drawing Dog” featuring David Myers, the celebrated cartoonist (plus, of course, the dog!).

The costs of producing a broadcast quality production are extremely high and totally out of the question for a speculative pilot. Nevertheless a top quality VHS tape would be sufficient to sell the idea to a broadcast company. Pic Productions has all the resources necessary to make this possible at extremely economic rates.

If you have a good idea please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you to sell it with a quality pilot.