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We undertake all types of promotional videos ranging from simple loop AV tapes for exhibitions to sophisticated programmes with professional voice overs.

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E-mail us at: video@pic.clara.net

Stars who have featured in some of our productions.

Some more clips from videos we have produced for our clients.

Our expertise in sales. marketing and exhibition organising means that we are well aware of the best methods in getting your message across.

We co-operate fully during the planning stages and will help in the drafting of story boards and the preparation of scripts. Scripts can often present problems in getting the timing right - in order to keep productions “punchy”.

Very frequently our clients find it easier to specify their needs and the required visual content if we prepare draft scripts during the early stages of briefing. These can then be refined as the storyboard develops.

Our overall charges for producing a promotional video will usually be considerably less than the cost of publishing a single fold colour brochure - particularly if you require small runs and occasional changes to its content. Our non-linear editing and archiving facility permits very economic updates.

A short video will communicate much more information than the single fold brochure and, of course, there is much greater scope to convey greater detail about your product or services as well as your organisation.

Our clients include manufacturing industries, PR organisations, service companies, youth services, schools and charities.