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Our training productions have covered subjects as diverse as Industrial Safety to Selling Curtains, School Science Projects to Flying Lessons and AIDS to Parking Law.

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E-mail us at: video@pic.clara.net

We have over 20 years of experience in the design of audio visual aids for both conventional and distance training schemes. Our staff are also experienced in modern management methods, industrial safety, electrical and mechanical engineering, sales and marketing. This enables us to communicate well with your training specialists during the all important planning phase of new schemes.

Our specialised knowledge in specific fields means that we can often assist by recommending programme content as well as participate actively in the preparation of voice over scripts and supporting documentation.

As well as producing conventional videos we can offer other specialised training aids such as CD-ROMs for computer based AV presentations.

We were once clients ourselves so are very conscious of the fear that project costs can escalate out of control. For this reason we will agree on a fixed contract fee based on detailed requirements given to us at briefing meetings. Providing our customer does not introduce significant variations at a later date we will stick to this price irrespective of any location or studio time that may be involved.

Our clients have included:

British Petroleum
Laura Ashley plc
Transport Committee for London

Bromley Health
Air Training Corps
Bromley Enterprise Agency Trust

Kent Wing Gallery