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Our wedding videos receive the same care and attention to quality and content as our commercial productions.

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Wedding Brochure

We can provide you with a romantic memento that captures the atmosphere, fun and laughter (sometimes a tear or two) of one of the most important days of your life. A wedding often brings together long lost friends and relatives from all over the world and what better way could there be than a video to record the images and voices of your loved ones forever.

With our careful and tasteful editing you should never need to reach for the “fast forward” button or bore your friends!

We typically supply a two camera crew plus an assistant to be at your disposal from the bride at home to the end of the first dance at an evening party. This ensures total coverage of all activities and a wide variety of pictures.

All our weddings are fully “post produced” in our studios and receive the benefit of all the special techniques and effects that this can give. We never rely on “in camera” editing. This enables us to keep our cameras running so that we can be instantly reactive on location. It also enables us to present you with a highly polished end product with perfect continuity.

We can supply tapes to any world video format for you to send to friends overseas. We can also provide you with CDs of selected sounds from your wedding - church music, your vows, soloists or any other special musical events.

We will, if you wish, put a set of still clips of your wedding on our Web Site Wedding Gallery within a day or two - which can be viewed all over the world - for those who could not attend.